Adidas Originals Tubular Nova –  (Click here)

Reclaimed Vintage oversized hoodie (Black) – ASOS – (Click here)

Reclaimed Vintage oversized T-shirt (Black) – ASOS(Click here)

Reclaimed Vintage Oversized T-shirt – ASOS(Click here)

Cheap Monday Jeans (Black) – ASOS – (Click here)

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I recently purchased a few oversized pieces from ASOS and also filmed my first ever haul & try on video! Every item of clothing featured in the video is either oversized, longline or has dropped shoulders. I think the oversized pieces look great, especially with fitted or skinny jeans.

The oversized hoodie is so comfortable and warm and as Autumn is officially here, I think I will be wearing it a lot more often. Also, I’m trying to get the most wear as possible out of my ripped jeans, before the weather turns really cold!

Watch the video and let me know what you think of the pieces/looks. Which items should I keep and which should I return?



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