With tomorrow being black Friday, I thought I’d give you a few tips and tricks when its comes to online shopping and ways to save money and hopefully help you grab a bargain or two (or ten!)

Here are my 4 top tips and tricks:

#1 – Enjoy Black Friday from the comfort of your home! There are some great bargains available online and you can do it all with a cup of tea and with your bunny slippers on!

#2 – Prioritise and make lists! Think about what you need to buy and then go to the stores or websites that stock that particular item first, you don’t want to be side tracked and forget to buy Nan’s Nutri Ninja. Also think about the items that NEVER go on sale and make them the priority of the bargain hunt!

#3 – Here are some online codes/deals:

#4 – Download Shoptagr! Shoptagr is a free service that let’s you save your favourite items of clothing and then (here’s the best part) alerts you when coupons are available or if the item goes on sale or comes back in stock! You can even organise the clothing into categories or lists, such as:

  • ‘going out clothes’,
  • ‘coats and jackets’
  • ‘Clothes I couldn’t afford even if they went into the sale’

I hope these tips and tricks help you on your hunt for bargains!

Watch the video below!

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