Winter is coming to an end (finally!) and Spring is nearly here! As the seasons change, we must make sure our grooming products can properly protect us from the warmer weather. I recently received the Mankind grooming box ‘Discovery Edition’ which is packed full of products to make the transition a little bit easier!

Men-ü Deep Clean Clay Mask – Click here

This fast-drying deep clean clay mask is designed to detox your skin and help reduce excess oil and sebum. It is really refreshing and will be great for those warmer days.


Triumph & Disaster A+R Soap – Click here 

Infused with Almond Milk, Rosehip Oil and Flakes of Oat, this bar of soap gently exfoliate the surface of your skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, and is suitable for both the face and body.


Refinery eye gel – Click here

This eye gel hydrates, calms and soothes the eye area. It’s great for use in the morning as it helps make your eyes look more awake and reduces puffiness and dark circles.


Redken Rough Paste – Click here

This product allows for restyling throughout the day, which is perfect for the unpredictable British weather! It also has UV filters which helps protect natural and coloured hair from the damaging effects of the sun.


Fit’s Lip Serum – Click here

‘What’s a lip serum?’ I hear you ask, well it’s a shine and taste free liquid gel, which is designed to lock in moisture and provide long lasting hydration. It also helps reduce cracking and inflammation, which can occur with the changing weather.


Daimon Barber Honeybee Complex and Propolis Shave Cream – Click here

A hydrating shave cream which leaves a protective layer on the skin, ensuring your razor glides effortlessly, helping to achieve the perfect close shave. The addition of Aloe Vera, Camellia and Rosehip Oils also soften your skin, leaving your face feeling smooth and smelling amazing.


Watch the video below!


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