I was so excited to get the opportunity to test the range of Jack Black shaving products and was even more excited when I discovered that Jack Black products are Fragrance-free, colorant-free and cruelty-free!


With high expectations, I started by using the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser. This unique 2 in 1 facial cleanser and toner removed any deep down dirt and excess oil to make sure my skin was clear, smooth and shave-ready! My skin felt cleaner and lighter, without being dried out. So far so good!


I wanted to sharpen up the edges of my beard and give it a general tidy up, so I cracked open the Triple Cushion Shave Lather and prepared my Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor. The three protective, hydrating layers of macadamia nut oil, glycerine and soybean oil in the rich lather helped me achieve a super close shave and protected my skin against any razor burn, irritation and nicks and cuts, but these were also avoided with the superior glide of the one blade razor.



After making sure the shave lather was completely washed out of my facial hair I moved on to the Post Shave Cooling Gel. As soon as I applied this to the freshly shaven areas, I could feel it cooling and soothing my skin. This product contains Natural Aloe, Camomile and Witch Hazel to help calm skin and provide immediate and lasting relief from any razor burn or irritation you may have caused while shaving. I only needed a small amount of this product as a little goes a long way!


Finally I applied the Double-Duty Face Moisturiser. I tend to only buy moisturisers that have SPF protection, so I was very excited to discover this product has broad spectrum sunscreen SPF-20 built in! The moisturiser itself was very soothing and hydrating, without being heavy or oily. It also has antioxidants and vitamins to help improve the appearance of your skin.

All of the Jack Black products that I tested exceeded my expectations and I was really impressed with the quality and performance of the products and will definitely be incorporating them into my grooming routine.


Watch them be put to the test in the video below!


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