Whether your facial hair is trimmed and tamed or allowed to grow wild and free, you should look after it and make sure it’s clean and in good condition! When it comes to cosmetics I’m all about natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients, so I have carefully chosen a few of my favourite beard care and maintenance products:




L’Occitane have launched a whole range of Cade oil infused shaving products, that are all organic and cruelty free! There is something for every man in the Cade range of products, including moisturisers, sprays, creams, oils and balms! Cade essential oil naturally repairs, protects and purifies the skin. L’Occitane also utilise other naturally enriching ingredients such as invigorating juniper oil, moisturising Shea butter and essential oils that can help with beard growth. These products leave your beard and skin feeling soft, nourished and smelling great!


Shop L’Occitane: 

L’Occitane Men’s Aftershave


Jack Black


I had never heard of Jack Black shaving products and was introduced to them through my blogging and had the opportunity to work with them. I was instantly impressed! Although quite pricey, their products are very effective, yet kind to the skin. Jack Black are Vegan and cruelty free and use the best ingredients to produce quality products every time!

Shop Jack Black:

Jack Black Shaving Products

Jack Black Beard Lube

Jack Black Beard Oil

Jack Black Razor




If you are looking for affordable, no fuss products; Bulldog is the brand for you! Their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and they only use natural ingredients and are a great brand for men like me who have sensitive skin. The Bulldog ‘Complete Beard Collection’ containing beard balm, beard shampoo and conditioner and beard oil is a winning trio for any bloke!


Shop Bulldog:

Bulldog Shaving Products

Bulldog Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

Bulldog Beard Balm

Bulldog Beard Care Kit (with comb)




Bodyshop is one of my favourite brands when it comes to cosmetics! Their range of Maca Root shaving products are suitable for all skin types and make shaving satisfyingly easy and they smell good too! Oh, and BodyShop always have offers and discounts on their website, so keep an eye out!





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